Mini Events

We will be hosting fun and interactive mini events before and after the competition! These mini events are a great way to meet new people and interact with competitors from all around the world, as well as learn more about the amazing things that Carnegie Mellon has to offer. We're excited to see you there!

Function Guessing Game

Friday February 26th, 6-7pm --- Organized by Fei Peng

If $f(0) = 2$, $f(5) = 3$ and $f(2021) = 45$, what is $f(x)$? We've prepared some secret functions such as $f(x) = \frac{x^2}{x}$ and $f(x) = \sqrt{\left| \lfloor \tan(x) \rfloor \right|}$, and you can deduce these expressions by evaluating, plotting, and manipulating them. Collaborate with your teammates to climb up the live leaderboard! Try the live demo to see what it's like.

Trivia Tournament

Friday February 26th, 7-8pm --- Organized by Laura Yao

Answer open-ended trivia questions with your team of 4-6 people, formed beforehand or at the event. There will be two rounds: a picture-based round, and an identification round based on a short description. Prizes will be awarded to the top team, so be sure to register and indicate any team member preferences above!

Integration Bee

Friday February 26th, 7-8pm --- Organized by Vlad Oleksenko

You'll be given a number of integration problems, with the ability to submit their answers and see a live leaderboard of everyone's scores. The test will last ~40 minutes, and the top scorers will be recognized!

Bullet Chess

Friday February 26th, 8-9pm --- Organized by Michael Chen

Play fast-paced chess games (2 minute, 1 second increment) against the other CMIMC competitors! This will be a live arena tournament, where you get matched nonstop against someone with a similar rating as soon as your last game ends. Make sure to create a account and join the CMIMC club in order to participate!

Tetris Tournament

Friday February 26th, 8-9pm --- Organized by Daniel Zeng

Compete with others in a battle royale format where everyone joins a room and plays Tetris. We will have 5 rounds, then the top 4 will compete in a 1v1 tournament for prizes! You'll need to create a account to participate, see instructions here (only takes 1 minute).

Virtual Escape Room

Friday February 26th, 9-10pm --- Organized by Rabble Rooms

You wake up in a strange, metal bed. Your feet hurt as if you've been walking for ages. A distant wail cuts through the darkness and a strange voice whispers to you from the hall: "Follow.” Welcome to Angel's Asylum. You will compete in teams of up to six players to escape your doom in this Rabble Rooms puzzle-solving experience.

IMC Info Session and Market Making Game

Thursday February 25th, 6-7pm --- Organized by IMC

IMC Trading invites you to join our CMIMC mini-event where we will be discussing life at IMC and the exciting opportunities we offer within Trading and Technology. Specifically, you’ll get to hear from several IMC Engineers and Traders as they discuss the most interesting aspects of their role, what makes working at IMC unique, as well as provide advice on how to excel within our recruiting process. You will also get the opportunity to participate in an interactive, trading activity where you will learn what it means to be a Market-Maker. We can’t wait to meet you!

SLINGSHOT: A sneak peak into the world of CS

Thursday February 25th, 8-9:30pm --- Organized by SLINGSHOT

Ever wondered what CS and tech will really be like after high school? Are you interested in CS but don't really know where to start? Are you going into college for a degree in CS and curious to learn more? SLINGSHOT is offering an exclusive event for CMIMC participants where our mentors, from places like Carnegie Mellon, Apple, Palantir, will give you a sneak peak into the world of CS and tech after high school! Fill out this Google form if you're interested!

CMU Student Panel

Saturday February 27th, 2:15-3:15pm --- Organized by Deekshita Vedula, Misha Ivkov, CMU Admissions

Got any burning questions to ask CMU students? During this event, you'll have the opportunity to ask 4-5 panelists about their life at CMU. The panel will cover topics such as academics, student organizations, networking, and career fairs.

Guest Speaker

Saturday February 27th, 7:15-8:15pm --- Organized by C.J. Argue

We all make decisions that seem good at the time, but later on we wish we had done something else. If we don't know the future, how can we make decisions that will look good even in hindsight? This talk will discuss online algorithms, the mathematics of making decisions in the face of an uncertain future.

C.J. is a 5th year PhD student in Mathematics at Carnegie Mellon University specializing in Algorithms, Combinatorics, and Optimization. His research interests are online algorithms and other information theoretic questions in algorithms, convex geometry, convex optimization, and linear algebra. C.J. has also taught courses in Discrete Mathematics, Differential and Integral calculus, 3D Calculus and more. Additionally, in his free time, C.J. enjoys coaching the Western Pennsylvania ARML Team. You can read more about him on his website at