Some of our emails have been getting marked as spam. In case you missed any, here are the contents of our recent emails.

January 26, 2021


If you have not done so already, please submit your waiver to this form. The waiver can be found here. The deadline for this is January 26, in order to officially participate in the programming contest.

Sample Programming Contest

We are running a sample contest right now, with the sample problems here. We are currently running the optimization round, and we will open the AI Round soon for you to try out!

You can register for it on the contests page. The results are unofficial though there is a leaderboard. The questions do offer helpful practice for our contest as well as familiarity with our UI.


If you would like to purchase a $7 CMIMC Programming t-shirt, you must fill out both the shipping and size info form and payment link. The deadline for this is 1/29.


Everyone participating in our contest should join our Slack. We are primarily using this as the means for you to communicate amongst each other and with us. In particular, we post announcements and answer any questions in the Slack channels.


You can read about all of our mini-events here, and sign up for the ones you want to participate in. The deadline for registering for mini events is 12:00 pm ET on 1/29 (Friday) with the exception of the Jane Street Estimathon. The registration deadline for the Estimathon is 11:59 pm ET 1/26 (Tuesday), and the form is here.